Looking for a gym that’s right for you? We don’t offer free WIFI, retro aerobics, or fancy hair straighteners. We don’t advertise saunas and tanning beds. But what we do offer is a fully equipped gym, functional training, rock climbing wall, an awesome friendly vibe and absolutely zero pretentiousness and judgment!

The Fitness Factory @Northwood is a privately owned and run gym based at Northwood School in Durban North.

We are dedicated to providing our members with the finest level of service in the fitness community. We put an emphasis on top-level fitness and a healthy lifestyle! Not only do we pride ourselves in training and rehabilitating some of South Africa’s top sportsmen and women, but we have a facility suitable for all fitness levels and aim to help everyone reach their personal fitness goals.

The gym is 250 square metre fully equipped facility, which is manned by staff members from opening at 5am until closing at 8:00pm every weekday, and from 6am till 12:00 on Saturdays. We are not open on Sundays… you earned the rest! Any of our trainers will help you with any issues or questions you might have.

We have 6 resident Trainers, Simon Vickers (co-owner), Cameron Smith, Nikita Van der Merwe, Daniel van Deventer, Claudia Cummins (Biokineticist), as well as Richard Tyler (co-owner) who is an Athletic Performance Consultant on board, and Leigh Vickers who is a trainer and does our admin and social media.

In short… Whether you are a professional sports person or you just want to have fun and be healthy, our facility is perfect for you! No frills, no bells and whistles and false promises, just good old fashioned fitness!

Last but not least, we have NO CONTRACT, and NO JOINING FEE!!



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