We have a standard operating procedure in place to mitigate infection risk as far as possible and members are asked to adhere to this SOP while using the facility:

  1. Fill out an initial Covid health screening form the first time you enter the facility. The form is attached to the gym membership form, or it can be emailed separately to you. We ask that you fill it in and bring it with you. Failure to bring this form with you will result in you being denied entry until such time as you bring the form in. Should your health status change in future, it is your responsibility to inform us and fill out this form again.
  2. Sign into the facility, have your temperature taken, and sterilise your hands with the sanitizer provided, each time you come to train.
  3. Bring a towel (to use during your workout) and please wear a mask each time you enter and exit the facility. 
  4. We have provided bottles of sanitizer and sterile cloths around the gym. Please wipe down all surfaces, mats and equipment after use. Our sanitizer is a Nano Copper ion compound that leaves a protective film on every surface, meaning that for at least 10hours, any virus coming into contact with the compound dies. It is completely safe for human use and scientific evidence of its effectiveness is available. This technology is a welcomed change from the need to spray everything with a short acting alcohol or chlorine-based solution.
  5. Please adhere to the social distancing norm of 1.5m at all times. 
  6. Wear a mask to train if you feel you fall into a category of high risk (these include but are not limited to the points noted on the initial screening form), or would like to take that precaution. We as staff will have a mask with us at all times. These guidelines are recommended by the WHO. 
  7. Read and be mindful of the signage relating to Covid-19 that are positioned strategically around the facility.
  8. The global industry standard for facilities like ours in these times is 10sq meters of floor space per person. We are a 300sq meter facility meaning we can safely have up to 30 people in the facility at any one time and adhere to the social distancing norms.
  9. Please come to the facility ready to train and try to only use the bathroom facilities if needed, and rather shower at home or work where possible.

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