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Trainer Profile – Personal Trainer/Social Media and Marketing Manager
Name: Leigh Collins
Qualification: National Diploma Exercise Science, ETA
Cell number: 082 897 6494
Email address: leigh@thefitnessfactory.co.za
Specialized Training offered:
Functional Training, Ladies Conditioning, Nutrition, Health and Wellness


Hi, im Leigh! 🙂 Having grown up in an incredibly health conscious and active family, I have always been passionate about fitness, wellness and the outdoors, which is why I’ve found myself in a career as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant…doing what I love!

As a Personal Trainer, I will tailor every fitness workout customized to your unique body and your individual health and fitness goals.  Training sessions are fun, intense, and kept challenging – you will NEVER repeat a workout twice! In the gym I use a combination of free weights, body weight, plyometric, resistance, TRX, Battleropes and all other functional equipment, focusing on core strength and full body stabilisation in every exercise. My training is 100% functional, aiming for lean, athletic and healthy results – What I teach my clients is not rote isolated movement but rather overall conditioning for optimal sport and lifestyle functionality!

My passion for Health, Wellness and Fitness ensures that we cover not only exercise through Personal Training, but we will also include nutrition and lifestyle, focusing on your individual nutritional needs, in a complete holistic approach! I believe in educating clients on how to make the correct changes, teaching them how to take control of their health and well being, and learning to make positive and permanent lifestyle changes!

Your motto to live by:

The body achieves what the mind believes!

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